Your Virtual Career Mentor

  • Set your direction.

    Goalfish provides you with a Personal Map and Compass for your career. Because figuring out what is important to you; whether that's income, time with your family, creativity, or anything else defines the true north of career happiness.
  • Track your progress.

    Goalfish Career Path builder helps you track your accomplishments, skills, education, and other important career events. Because seeing progress is a real motivational boost!
  • Act with confidence.

    Goalfish Opportunity Advocate prepares you for your next opportunity. Providing you with the tools to prepare, evaluate, and negotiate. See how well an opportunity fits with your expectations, and use our effective strategies to negotiate the best offer.

Love your career!

Millions of people want something better from their current career. Many people think that getting a new job is the answer. Making that move can be lucky, but all too often the results are ineffective. We created the Virtual Career Mentor to give people a better approach to achieving career success.

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